what are the main components to setup SEO for a website

What are the main components for SEO?

Would you like to start SEO?  Want to learn more about SEO?

Don’t know how to start and what is required to do SEO then you are at the right page…

At First, even I felt the hard finding the main components to setup SEO! Surfing on the net became a primary job for me to know what are the main components to setup SEO and finally it came to an end having a final word to our discussion that is there are 3 main components for SEO.

What are the main components of SEO?
  1. On-Site Optimization  
  2. On-Going Quality Content 
  3. Off-Site Authority Building

1.      On-site Optimization. It is all about content, structure and layout of your site. Content is the key to increase your page rank. When Google and other search engines crawl your site to get an understanding what is the site all about, the content will have a big impact for your page ranking. Make sure that content is unique and have a Unique Selling Point according to you business rather than a copy paste content.

Here are some of the most important considerations for the on-site SEO of your domain:

  •  The title tag (per page).
  • The meta description (per page). 
  • Site navigation.  Internal linking.
  • The URL (per page).
  • Relevant, unique content (per page).  
  • Site speed and performance. 
  • Site security.

2.      Ongoing Quality Content. 
If you have successfully optimized your site, you might think that the page ranks well on search engine but it isn’t the truth. Now to keep your page ranking in search engine, we have to work on the ongoing quality content. We should engage people to reach out to our site by providing updates via blogs and also make sure that the topic you’ve selected should engage your reader through which people visit your site via blogs which result in page ranking.

3.    Off-Site Authority Building. 
Now it is time to focus on building a presence and relationships on external sites and platforms. These are the biggest tools Google use to evaluate the “authoritativeness” are inbound links from external sources. However, should be more carefull in creating links because any spammy, irrelevant links may lead to penalty rather than a boost to your site.

People think it is easy creating manual links, however, if you want longtime and permanent links, I would suggest to stay away from “manual” link building altogether, and instead focus on earning links that you naturally attract through your content strategy. People want to share and link to great content, so if you publish truly great content, it’ll attract inbound links. 

Likely guest posting, influencer marketing, and social media syndication are all tactics you can use “to get your content in front of more people rather than getting people in front of your content – but remember, all starts with Good content in the first place”.

As a result, after going through this article, the three main components of whole SEO revolves around the content. How unique your content is most important. More unique, relevant content results in more engagement from audience which leads to rise in page ranking leading to a successful SEO setup. In addition, we need to improve the digital marketing strategy too.


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